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Sujet : Re: How do we block
De : anonymous (at) *nospam* (AnonymousCoward)
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Organisation : A noiseless patient Spider
Date : 11. Mar 2021, 21:04:58
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On Thu, 11 Mar 2021 09:51:26 -0600, Usenet Support Personnel wrote:

I've quoted your path as here is a neodome path.
Path: not-for-mail

Path is a mandatory field. That's why i recommended that.

A quick search yield a result from with:

The HW Media Usenet backbone stopped providing the real 'Path' header
to customers back in 2012. The alleged reason was "to protect our
proprietary architecture".

I wasn't aware that a provider wouldn't set the standard headers.

Please check

Other than that, I would recommend to avoid using highwinds (omicron).


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