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Sujet : Re: Multipart binaries
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Date : 15. Apr 2021, 19:51:14
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Jim S <> wrote:

I just posted a video to another (binary) group and it split itsilf into 38
Fortunately Dialog was able to recombine the parts to a watchable video
which my default viewer was able to play, just to check.
Gravity, Xnews and Thunderbird just showed the 38 parts. Is there a method
for recombining such a bibary file or must it just be the 'right'
I am told Forte Agent will do it, but that's not free.

There is no guaranteed order to when the binary multipart messages show
up.  If they are not all available on the NNTP server you poll, they
fail to recombine.  As I recall, the binary client is to slice the file
into .rar files in multiple messages, and is also supposed to send a
.par file that is used to [try to] repair the file due to missing parts.
PAR[2] files are to repair corruption during transmission, or to
compensate for missing RAR files.  PAR files obviate the point of YENC
as having better compression for smaller RAR files: yeah, the RARs are
smaller, but then you're sending a PAR file.  In addition, NZB files are
sent which aids a client to recombine the RARs into one file.  In fact,
I remember seeing zome NNTP clients that relied on NZB files to figure
out which messages to use to reconstruct from the multi-part messages.
(e.g., SABnzbd, Newsleecher, News Rover, NZBget).  The client sliced the
file into multiple posts depending on a configured max size for posting,
and also sent .par and .nzb files.

Also, most binary-capable multipart newsreaders use the bastardized
compression scheme that even its original author (Jürgen Helbing)
abandoned as being unreliable and even condemned the use of his
creation, but another grabbed it and promoted it.  I think the crap
scheme was called Yencoded (aka YENC), so you need a client that
supports it to do both slicing up into multiple parts and to recombine
them later.  As I recall, Mozilla never supported YENC (except for a
single-part message), so you had to install an extension to add YENC
support to combine multi-part messages.  Microsoft's NNTP client also
never supported YENC.  Uuencode already existed (from which YENC was
derived), and MIME replaced both.

If you're going to slicing messages into multiple parts, you really need
to get an NNTP client designed for binaries in Usenet.  I recall
sometime maybe 20 years ago that I trialed News Rover and Newsbin.  The
Web ended being a far more reliable place to store large files, like at
many of the free online file services.

Forte Agent does support YENC (,
and there were free versions, but they are very old versions.  Dialog
supports YENC.  Thunderbird (but might with an extension) and MS clients
do not.  For NNTP clients that have no YENC support, or do but not for
multi-part recombination, yProxy showed up as a solution (similar to how
you use sTunnel to add TLS support to old e-mail clients).

My recollection was of using News Rover or NewsBin Pro for binary
newsgroups, and Outlook Express (eventually replaced by Forte Dialog
after trialing many others) for non-binary newsgroups.  I wasn't
interested in blue content (aka porn) which comprised the vast majority
of binary newsgroups, so I got rid of News Rover and Newsbin.  I kept
them for a long time in my software archive should I want to go back to
using them, but I just looked and I must've decided to delete them from
the archive as I had no interest in binaries for a long time.

I remember a buddy that was running an NNTP server who was complaining
about continually having to add more HDDs to keep up with all the binary
newsgroups.  When he decided to see how much volume was attributed to
porn, and he wasn't interested in purveying that content, he dumped the
binary newsgroups.  He recovered TONS of disk space, he ran his server
for another 20 years, and never had to add another HDD (and had lots of
space left from getting rid of the porn groups).  Yes, there are a few
legit (non-porn) binary newsgroups, but their volume is miniscule
compared to the blue groups.

Be aware that many newsgroups don't allow attachments.  Not talking
about just text-only newsgroups, but even those that allow HTML.  Either
your attachment-laden submission(s) get rejected, or attachments get
stripped from your submission(s).  You need to post in newsgroups
specifically assigned to binaries, or newsgroups where attachments are

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