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Sujet : Re: Multipart binaries
De : b.rose.tmpbox (at) *nospam* (Bernd Rose)
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Date : 16. Apr 2021, 07:23:53
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On Thu, 15 Apr 2021 15:04:05 -0600, Grant Taylor wrote:

I maintain that the ability to encode (post) / decode (read) binaries in
a single article is not enough to do support what the OP was asking about.

And I wrote /nothing/ about single articles. (My explicitly added heading
for the citation of the relevant part of the OP - yes, that's also a part
of my message you snipped - referred /only/ to multipart messages.)

And - contrary to your claims - I /never/ (in more than 30 years) read the
term "binary support of Usenet Newsreaders" in Usenet without referencing
multipart binary support. But okay, pick single sentences out of context
and "correct" them as intensely as you like.


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