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Sujet : Re: Multipart binaries
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Date : 17. Apr 2021, 00:41:13
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On 16/04/2021 20:29:53, Tekkie© wrote:
On Thu, 15 Apr 2021 16:51:18 +0100, Jim S posted for all of us to digest...
 I just posted a video to another (binary) group and it split itsilf into 38
Fortunately Dialog was able to recombine the parts to a watchable video
which my default viewer was able to play, just to check.
Gravity, Xnews and Thunderbird just showed the 38 parts. Is there a method
for recombining such a bibary file or must it just be the 'right'
I am told Forte Agent will do it, but that's not free.
Try Newsrover. It's what I use to get vids and it's now free.
......and the link to the download is please?

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