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Sujet : Re: Newsreaders eh?
De : b.rose.tmpbox (at) *nospam* (Bernd Rose)
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Date : 18. Apr 2021, 19:50:58
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On Sun, 18th Apr 2021 19:19:13 +0200, R.Wieser wrote:

Is 40tude some kind of super-secret five-eyes snoopware or something ?
'Cause I just tried to visit (link provided by
another webpage) and got a username & password popup ...   Same on the
download link.
Almost as if they do not want to have their stuff used. :-)

The author (Marcus Mönnig) abandoned the program (and the website) ~15 years
ago. (Out of personal reasons.)

Some (myself included) still regard 40tude Dialog as one of the best Usenet
readers for text groups. - If not the best, still...   ;-)

Some tweaks are necessary or recommended, like using an SSL proxy like
stunnel for encrypted communication.

Several places still show information and some provide downloads of the
program. One of the most current is the German FAQ for 40tude Dialog,
which we (a couple of users) considerably reworked last year. Maybe,
reading it through Google Translate will show you the gist:


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