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Sujet : Re: Newsreaders eh?
De : b.rose.tmpbox (at) *nospam* (Bernd Rose)
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Date : 19. Apr 2021, 18:42:15
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On Mon, 19th Apr 2021 08:46:12 +0100, Jim S wrote:

[40tude Dialog: Plonk scripts]
Thanks for your help on this, but clearly I am asking too much.

No. Quite the opposite. You asked less than necessary to understand your

I have installed the scripts that you provided and yes they work, but
having to allocate them to keys of my choice and not the toolbar icons I am
used to (e.g. the downward arrow), means that short of wrting them on the
back of my hand I am never going to remember them for very long.

If you wish to add the scripts as buttons to your toolbar, you follow these
additional steps:

1) Open the Scripting Editor again (Settings -> Scripting -> Scripting...).
2) Select DoPlonk.ds from the list of Custom scripts on the left side
3) In the lowest left part of the Scripting Editor window is an area named
   "Settings for active script". Select an icon of your choice there, and
   write "Plonk by name" or another recognizable text as "Hint"
4) Position the Script Editor window in a way that you see the toolbar(s)
   of the main 40tude Dialog windows
5) Click the "Show button config" button in the lowest left part of the
   Scripting Editor Window. (This opens the "Customize Toolbars" dialog.)
6) Select the last entry "Scripts" from the "Categories" list on the left
   side of that dialog
7) Select DoPlonk from the "Commands" list
8) If you didn't already assign a shortcut to the script, you can do so now
9) Drag the DoPlonk entry from the "Commands" list to the position in the
   toolbar, where you wish to see that toolbar button
10) Point the mouse to that new toolbar button. You should see a tooltip
   containing the "Hint" you wrote above and the assigned keyboard shortcut
=> If you want to remove a toolbar button, drag the big square button named
   "Del" from the upper right corner of the "Customize Toolbars" dialog to
   the toolbar button you wish to remove.
11) Close the "Customize Toolbars" dialog

12) Repeat steps 2) to 11) for the DoSubjPlonk.ds script.

You can also assign custom icons to scripts. For these to be selectable,
you must first place suitable icon files in the Scripts\Icon\ subfolder
of the main 40tude Dialog directory.

I was disappointed too that having plonked with or without subject the
thread remains visible and I need to get rid with yet another keystroke.

Another misunderstanding. Plonking usually is targeted to the future.
The rule is stored and applied, whenever new messages are retrieved.
What you want (if I understand your text above, correctly) is to plonk
*and* ignore the current subthread, as well. To do this, you need to
expand the DoPlonk/DoSubjPlonk scripts:

Program DoPlonk;
  PostKey(79, false, true, false, false, false, false, false, false);

Program DoSubjPlonk;
  PostKey(79, false, true, false, false, false, false, false, false);

If your current view is set to /not/ show ignored messages, this will
immediately hide the ignored subthread.

One bright spot along the way was the rediscovery of the scripts I
installed long ago, most of them 'event scripts' that happen without me
knowing, but Plonkwithaddress is good and had lost its allocated Keystroke.
Of course when I allocate a keystroke it opens that damn window and I will
almost certainly forget it without a tattoo. :(

Add all relevant commands as icons to toolbars. This way, you can access
them by mouse *and* (by just pointing with the mouse) read the shortcut
from the tooltip.


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