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Sujet : Re: Dialog signature delimiter
De : b.rose.tmpbox (at) *nospam* (Bernd Rose)
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Date : 19. Apr 2021, 22:01:33
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On Mon, 19th Apr 2021 21:25:50 +0200, bill wrote:

On Mon, 19 Apr 2021 20:29:34 +0200, Bernd Rose wrote:
There's more to it. Depending on your permitted/restricted encoding
settings and the characters contained in your message before the script
fires up, the text may be encoded in quite a few different ways.
I don't think there is more to it since it's ALWAYS fixed by Notepad++

Notepad++ doesn't come into play, here. You send a message from Dialog
Editor. And depending on the characters found (in the current message),
Dialog checks its encoding settings and formats the text to 7-Bit-ASCII,
Windows-1250 or its siblings, CP850 or its siblings, UTF-7, UTF-8,...
Every message /may/ be sent with a different encoding.

The OnBeforeSending script needs to replace characters formatted in one
of the afore mentioned encodings. The letter ä, for instance may be
found in this text buffer as char 0x84, 0xE4, word 0xC3A4 and in several
other ways. Each variant has to be replaced, if the source encoding is
not fixed. (Which in itself usually wouldn't be a good idea, either.)

Moreover, replacing a character 0x84 with (e.g.) ae under the assumption,
it would have the meaning ä, could be wrong, altogether. If the source
encoding happens to be Ansi-1252, this byte position represents the lower
curly quotation marks.


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