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Sujet : Re: Dialog signature delimiter
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Date : 21. Apr 2021, 02:42:28
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On Mon, 19 Apr 2021 22:01:33 +0200, Bernd Rose wrote:

Notepad++ doesn't come into play, here.

Notepad++ solves the problem but it's an extra step I was trying to remove.
It replaces the HTML character "&#x201C;" with the HTML character "&quot;".

You send a message from Dialog Editor.

Thanks. I was hoping maybe Dialog could be set to edit with Notepad++.
Or that Dialog could post process to substitute characters as defined.

And depending on the characters found (in the current message),
Dialog checks its encoding settings and formats the text to 7-Bit-ASCII,
Windows-1250 or its siblings, CP850 or its siblings, UTF-7, UTF-8,...

It's a formatting problem that the punctuation isn't consistent when it
comes from multiple sources (some of which use these "pretty" characters
while others don't).

It is best solved in the text editor.
Or cleaned up just before sending the message.

Every message /may/ be sent with a different encoding.

The encoding isn't the problem so much as the inconsistent punctuation.

Some pasted results from multiple web pages have fancy HTML punctuation
while others do not.

I couldn't get the syntax to work even on the simplest conversion (that of
the HTML smart quote to an HTML straight quote) so I'll just give up as
Dialog seems like a nice editor even without this feature.

Replace the HTML character "&#x201C;" with the HTML character "&quot;".

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To look sharp.

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