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Sujet : Re: Dialog signature delimiter
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Date : 22. Apr 2021, 07:30:40
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Bernd Rose <> wrote:

VanguardLH wrote:
Instead of writing a script (for the OnBeforeSend event), perhaps
easier would be to write a custom script and assign it to a button
that you add to a toolbar.  Then you just click on the toolbar
button to add the trailing text. 
When you click the toolbar button, its custom script would issue
keystrokes in the current window (which should be the compose window
when you are writing a new message).
You can't add scripts as toolbuttons to the compose window toolbars.
And if you add them to the main window toolbars, the compose window
does not have the focus while clicking on the button.  ;-)

Argh!  A suggestion shot down.  Guess bill will need to figure out the
OnBeforeSend event script, or your auto-correct suggestion.

If you are just adding "regards, Bill" to the end of your messages,
how often do you post where adding that content would become a major
One-liners could be inserted with auto-correction. This would probably
be the easiest approach.

Did not know Dialog has an auto-correct feature.  I knew it had an
on-the-fly spellcheck feature.  I just looked there and, yep, there is
an AutoCorrect option.  Guess the user has to edit the dictionary file
to add an auto-correct entry.

There are several ways to add and activate auto-correction entries.
The, IMHO, most systematic one is opening the Spelling Options dialog
from SpellCheck -> Settings menu of a Compose window and then
selecting the Dictionaries button on the right bottom side of that
dialog. In the following list view, new custom dictionaries can be
created or existing ones selected and (de)activated. When a
dictionary is selected, it can be edited. An edit subdialog opens.
The second tab enables to add/delete or change autocorrection
entries. if the entry: rb -> Regards, Bill is added, then the text
"rb " (please note the space; any other word ending characters should
work as well) will automatically be replaced by "Regards, Bill".

Thanks for the info.  Something I had not thought about, but don't
remember using the Auto-Correct button before.  That would also allow
adding multiple entries to the dictionary to select from different
content blocks at the "bad" string position (which are NOT signatures). 

This scheme does means other NNTP clients won't find the sigdash line to
strip it from replies.  Unless the respondent reviews and trims their
message before submission, which is the typical scenario, the replies
end up with all the pseudo-sig fluff.

Of course, bill wanted "regards,\nbill" inserted into his message, but
auto-correct would add a string within the current line instead of
adding 2 lines.  I take it \n (newline) cannot be included in the
auto-correct string.

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