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Sujet : Re: Dialog signature delimiter
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Date : 24. Apr 2021, 00:37:11
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On Fri, 23 Apr 2021 19:16:01 +0200, Bernd Rose wrote:

You can also add a whole bunch of spaces
/prior/ "Regards,". If, afterwards, you type the autoreplace shortcut at
the end of a non-empty line, this will insert "Regards," at the start of
the /next/ line.

That also worked (see salutation below done using that method!).
That's perfect!

I'm still wondering, why "rb" doesn't work for you. It seems like the
perfect fit and works without problems on my system with English and
German dictionaries enabled. Did you add "rb" to a custom dictionary
sometime in past?

I checked and didn't see "rb " but it's ok that it didn't work.
Everything else I tried from you did work so that's great progress.

I'm going to type the salutation command at the end of this line.
Police are searching for a robber who's stealing blunt pencils.
Quite frankly, they cant see the point

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