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Sujet : Re: Dialog signature delimiter
De : spansanza (at) *nospam* (Pancho Sanza)
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Date : 26. Apr 2021, 01:10:29
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Op Mon, 19 Apr 2021 03:18:44 +0200 schreef bill:

But how do you set a sig in Dialog that doesn't add the dash dash space?

I guess your question has been answered to your satisfaction (I tried
to follow the thread but got lost in Dialog specific technicalities),
but nevertheless I still feel the uncontrollable need to add my 2
cents. Which means I would do it by applying a simple keyboard macro.

Record these key-strokes: <CTRL>-F -> Fill in "-- " (to search for) ->
<Enter> ->  <Del> <Del> (to remove the .sig delimiter and its line) ->
<Alt-C -> "S" (to send now) or "e" (to send later), and that's it,

In the Good Old Days I even used keyboard macros to move text from the
newsreader editor to a Real Editor for some Serious Editing and vice
versa, but nowadays I can't be bothered with tricks like these

Btw, I used (and still use) a 21 year old tiny program called Keyboard
Express for recurring tasks like these.


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