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Sujet : Re: Newsreaders eh? It works!!!!!!
De : b.rose.tmpbox (at) *nospam* (Bernd Rose)
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Date : 27. Apr 2021, 06:26:48
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On Mon, 26th Apr 2021 15:27:43 -0400, Tekkie© wrote:

[sTunnel setup]
Again, thanks for your help. I would share your solution on the Gravity site
but so far I have been unsuccessful in being able to post.
I am also using your solution on another newsreader that I used for d/l's and
you can credit yourself with a double pat on the back.

Your feedback is kind, but the (working) suggestion is really standard and
corresponds even to the basic examples found in sTunnel documentation. So,
there's no need to refer to me when you share the solution. Just post these
settings as working.

Important when sharing the setup is, to point out the client side settings,
as well. (I.e., the settings in the newsreader or mail program.) That's
probably the place, where applying the suggestions you got earlier failed.
With this I mean:

| In Gravity you set
| "Mail server (SMTP)": localhost
| "Server ports SMTP": 25
| and provide your login credentials (Name/Password).
| If you use local port 25 with another program, already, change *both*
| occurrences of 25 to an unused port number (e.g. 250).

The other place, referred to in "both", is this sTunnel.conf setting:

| accept = localhost:25


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