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Sujet : Re: Newsreaders eh?
De : jim (at) *nospam* (Jim S)
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Date : 28. Apr 2021, 13:07:59
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On 28 Apr 2021 05:02:20 GMT, andrew wrote:

On 2021-04-27, Jim S <> wrote:
I started, then saw *_ELEVEN_* easy steps.
However undeterred, I read those 'easy' steps and started....but
then I realsised: 'Life's too short at my age'.
Fair enough. Mind you I am 60 now and I created and maintain that
page, but I know what you mean: when you are older you choose how you
will spend your time.

I can give you 20 years so you see what I mean.
I only looked at slrn as you mentioned it and it's probably the only one
I've missed.
BTW I believe he is Bernd, but I'm inconsonant :)


Jim S

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