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Sujet : Re: Keywords header
De : V (at) *nospam* nguard.LH (VanguardLH)
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Organisation : Usenet Elder
Date : 08. May 2021, 22:01:56
Message-ID : <esfsp8fv1b56.dlg@v.nguard.lh>
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"Adam H. Kerman" <> wrote:

VanguardLH <invalid@invalid.invalid> wrote:
Oh, I also have a filter on foul-mouthed posters.  Several test on
headers (Subject, From, Organization, Keywords, or X-headers) with a
value containing foul words, like "fuck".  Yep, you have one:
X-US-Congress: Moronic Fucks. . . .
Who the fuck cares what you filter with your fucking kill file? It's
none of fucking Usenet's fucking business.
Fuck. Fucking public plonking announcements are fucking immature.

And you don't care that *I* filtered out Panix articles when Panix used
to spammify posts submitted to them, too.  You don't care about any of
my filters.  You only care about YOUR filters.  DUH!

I explained to Eli why I didn't see his article thinking it originally
was due to him using Panix, but after modifying that filter (to no
longer ignore-flag those articles) then noticed he also has foul
language in his headers. 

You really want to lower your reputation in Usenet to that of a
foul-mouthed inane peurile?  How old are you (mentally, not physically)?

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