Re: How do I get my toolbars back on 40tude Dialog?

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Sujet : Re: How do I get my toolbars back on 40tude Dialog?
De : sqwertzme (at) *nospam* gmail.invalid (Sqwertz)
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Date : 16. May 2021, 05:52:16
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Nevermind -  I just grabbed tool*.ini from a backup installation and
it works now. I was doing it the hard, nerdy way.

But I do think there's something in Windows 10 that allows you to
throw stuff of the visible screen. Otherwise, I would have screwed
this up many times before.  In previous Windows versions  I could
always see something hiding in corners or edges of the screen
(grabbing it dragging it may be hard, but I at least I knew it was


On Sat, 15 May 2021 21:35:08 -0500, Sqwertz wrote:

18 year veteran and moderate power user of 40tude Dilog here (yada
yada), how do I get my friggen toolbars back?
I first lost the composition windows toolbar a couple days ago and I
remembered something about dragging an artifact of the screen during
heavy multitasking.  Unknown at the time, I apparently undocked the
Dialog composition toolbar and threw it away.
Just to verify that was even possible and for shits and grins, I
grabbed the Main Window toolbar and threw that off the screen. It
wasn't easy, but I did it!  And the I did again with Toolbar #2 and
Toolbar #3 (both empty). And usually I can revert any immediate
stupidity by killing the process (and bypassing any SAVE settings),
but nope - didn't work for this - I lost EVERY toolbar now.
Where in the fuck are they?
I'm looking at tooldock.ini and I have negative numbers in here for
some positions.  Which of these tags corresponds to main toolbar and
newsgroup post composition form? (there's 3 or 4 those).  I changed
all coordinate sets I suspected to 10,10 20,20, 30,30, 40,40 (are
they relative to my screen or to the main Dialog window?).  A also
changed visible=1 dockto=<blank>, floating=0 (in toolbar*.ini) but
they all seem to be re-written to the original old numbers when I
start Dialog again.
I'm totally disoriented without my finely-honed toolbars. So I'm
gonna start drinking now. Fuggit.

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