Posting with slrn AND nano

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Sujet : Posting with slrn AND nano
De : ffuentes (at) *nospam* (ffuentes)
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Organisation : SDF Public Access UNIX System, Est. 1987
Date : 21. May 2021, 06:24:33
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User-Agent : slrn/1.0.3 (Patched for libcanlock3) (NetBSD)
Here I have a silly question. Do any of you use nano to post to newsgroups?
I know slrn has a good example of how to setup vim to post
but how can someone post from nano? I wanna make nano wrap at 72 characters
(which can be done with -r) but I also wanna make the cursor to stay in
between the response and the header.

nano -r 72 -S +10

Is this right? Do any of you have a better idea?

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