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Sujet : Re: Posting with slrn AND nano
De : ronb02NOSPAM (at) *nospam* (RonB)
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Organisation : A noiseless patient Spider
Date : 22. May 2021, 01:28:10
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On 2021-05-21, Lewis <> wrote:
In message <s88h9b$upr$> RonB <> wrote:
On 2021-05-21, RonB <> wrote:
On 2021-05-21, Lewis <> wrote:
In message <> ffuentes <> wrote:
Here I have a silly question. Do any of you use nano to post to newsgroups?
The editor has nothing to do with posting tp newsgroups. YOu can use any
editor you want. I am sure plenty of people use nano, just as plenty use
vim, vim, emacs, gvim, and even BBEdit.
I know slrn has a good example of how to setup vim to post
but how can someone post from nano?
set your editor to nano in your .slrnrc.
I wanna make nano wrap at 72 characters (which can be done with -r)
but I also wanna make the cursor to stay in between the response and
the header.
nano -r 72 -S +10
Is this right? Do any of you have a better idea?
Seems like that should work based on the man page (I don't use nano).
I don't either — I use the jstar "flavor" of joe (Joe's Own Editor).
Somehow I figured out the following line (which works for me).
set editor_command "jstar +%d '%s'"
At this point I don't know what "+%d" and "'%s'" do — I would have to look
it up again. I don't have to worry about the 72 character line, as jstar
just brings in its own settings from its own .jstarc configuration file. I
don't know right now where the cursor goes when I do a follow up — I'll have
to check that out and report back. Wherever it ends up I'm used to what it
Sorry I can't be any more help. I've tried nano but could never get "into
Just checked, my cursor does stay between the response and he header. So I
guess that's built into jstar (somehow).
It is probably the +%d, but I do not have joe installed on any machine
and I can’t be arsed looking up a man page online.

You were right — "%d — number of the first line of the message body"
(Don't know what the plus sign does.)

%s is for the file name.

So could the original poster also use the +%d (or just %d) for nano?

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