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Sujet : Re: Posting with slrn AND nano
De : ronb02NOSPAM (at) *nospam* (RonB)
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Organisation : A noiseless patient Spider
Date : 22. May 2021, 01:36:26
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On 2021-05-21, Ted Heise <> wrote:
On Fri, 21 May 2021 04:24:33 -0000 (UTC),
  ffuentes <> wrote:
 Here I have a silly question. Do any of you use nano to post to
 I know slrn has a good example of how to setup vim to post but
 how can someone post from nano? I wanna make nano wrap at 72
 characters (which can be done with -r) but I also wanna make
 the cursor to stay in between the response and the header.
 nano -r 72 -S +10
 Is this right? Do any of you have a better idea?
I use pico, which I think is related to nano.  Here's what I have
in my .slrnrc, perhaps it will help?
set editor_command "pico -z -t -r66 -Q \"> \" %s"
The "-r66" part is the line length before wrapping.  Many of the
newsgroups I frequent have extended back and forth discussions, so
after a few exchanges 72 starts to look pretty bad.
I also love pico's rewrap feature (Ctrl-j) that even rewraps
quoted text properly (used it above).

I use that feature (Ctrl-b) all the time in jstar as well (it appears to
work the same). I might look at setting up a jstar configuration just for
slrn — you make a good point about using 66 columns instead of a higher

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