Re: trn4: Where are memorized command stored?

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Sujet : Re: trn4: Where are memorized command stored?
De : ahk (at) *nospam* (Adam H. Kerman)
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Organisation : A noiseless patient Spider
Date : 23. May 2021, 23:57:31
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Kenny McCormack <> wrote:

I had an accident with keystrokes (think: cat walked on keyboard) while I
was reading news with trn (version 4).  Somehow, a certain thread got
marked as "memorized", so that whenever I join that particular group, it
gets "selected".  I, of course, want to undo this operation.

tl;dr: I eventually figured out that hitting T then c on that thread would
"de-memorize" it, so problem is solved.  However, ...

I would like to know how/where this command gets stored - so that I could
just edit it out of that file.

In a specific newsgroup, ^k will bring up the kill file for editing.

Mine are in ~/News/Kill. I don't remember if that's default or I set
that somewhere.

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