Re: Checking PGP/GnuPG Signatures in tin

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Sujet : Re: Checking PGP/GnuPG Signatures in tin
De : rustbuckett (at) *nospam* (Russell)
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Date : 24. May 2021, 02:04:09
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Urs Janßen <> wrote:
In <s8b282$opl$> on Sa, 22 Mai 2021 15:50:59, Russell wrote:
entry, but nothing works. Tin hooks the line in mailcap, but I get an
error that the command failed. I think I'm on the right track, but I
can't figure out the details since tin doesn't have a lot of
inline pgp/gpg (none mime) should work via ^G when viewing an article
(and pgp/gpg was propperly detected/configured at compile time).
when mime is involved 'V' and mailcap should work
this is from my ~/.mailcap which I havn't touched for ages, can't say if
that still works, I don't do gpg.
        NAME=%s \&\& DATA=`echo $NAME|sed 's,\(unknown-00.\)\.pgp,\1.asc,'|tr '123456789' '012345678'` \&\& gpg --verify %s $DATA; needsterminal
and for headersigning (like in control messages) '|'"pgpverify" should do

That didn't work. I guess it just can't be done. At least I don't
understand enough to get it to work. I almost never see anyone using
inline signatures and I don't know that I've ever seen header signing.
If the developer of tin doesn't have it working, I guess it just doesn't
work. I'm not really a programmer or I'd look into it, but I wouldn't
even know where to start.

Thank you for your suggestions. Please followup if you figure it out.
I'll do the same if I stumble onto a solution. lol!


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