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Sujet : Re: [slrn] Test for slrn IRC channel...
De : theise (at) *nospam* (Ted Heise)
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Organisation : My own, such as it is
Date : 25. May 2021, 13:43:02
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On 24 May 2021 23:41:40 GMT,
  andrew <andrew@skamandros.invalid> wrote:
 Pending JED being happy and also pending final approval by the
 new Libera.Chat admins I have created #slrn on libera. The old
 #slrn on Freenode was registered by Michael Prokop but has not
 seen much action for a long time. So perhaps this will be
 I will keep it going for a few weeks anyway and see if it
 addresses a need. Details for about the new libera IRC servers,
 and connecting with SASL, can be found here:
 Perhaps see you there?

Nice idea, Andrew.  I tried the following:

bash-5.1$ irc -R
*** Connecting to port 6667 of server

and it just stalled there.  Maybe I'm doing something wrong? 
It's been ages since I poked around on irc, so the process is no
longer familiar.

To be honest, I'm not sure the user base is large enough to
generate any worthwhile traffic.  I'm a longtime user, but with
precious little time these days for things like irc chat.

Ted Heise      <>       West Lafayette, IN, USA

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