Re: [slrn] Test for slrn IRC channel...

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Sujet : Re: [slrn] Test for slrn IRC channel...
De : andrew (at) *nospam* skamandros.invalid (andrew)
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Organisation : slrn mafia
Date : 26. May 2021, 10:35:25
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On 2021-05-26, Harold Stevens <wookie@limbo.localdomain> wrote:

Thanks, Andrew. Three cheers for the slrn mafia!   :)

As Usenet slows down (and Freenode implodes!) I am still happy that I
met so many really good people through Usenet and more so through the
slrn community. Indeed: 'Three cheers for the slrn mafia!'

Do you think that's air you're breathing?

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