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Sujet : Re: [slrn] Test for slrn IRC channel...
De : theise (at) *nospam* (Ted Heise)
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Organisation : My own, such as it is
Date : 26. May 2021, 15:21:17
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On 26 May 2021 01:45:46 GMT,
  andrew <andrew@skamandros.invalid> wrote:
 On 2021-05-25, Ted Heise <> wrote:
To be honest, I'm not sure the user base is large enough to
generate any worthwhile traffic.  I'm a longtime user, but with
precious little time these days for things like irc chat.
 Well, I am retired now so I have time to give to such projects :). I
 have a shell account with Blinkenshell so I will usually be available
 in SOuthern Hemisphere times.

Wait, what?  Doesn't the Southern Hemisphere include more than a
few time zones?  :)

 And yes it will always be a small number of users...
 When you think of:
 --> People who use Usenet at all
 ----> Of those people, those are not there just for PrOn and Warez
 -------> Of those people, those who use slrn
 -----------> Of those people, those who would use IRC at all
 Small numbers indeed :)


Ted Heise      <>       West Lafayette, IN, USA

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