Re: [slrn] Test for slrn IRC channel...

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Sujet : Re: [slrn] Test for slrn IRC channel...
De : g.kreme (at) *nospam* (Lewis)
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Organisation : Miskatonic U
Date : 28. May 2021, 01:52:25
Message-ID : <slrnsb0c5p.2dta.g.kreme@m1mini.local>
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In message <> Ted Heise <> wrote:
On 26 May 2021 22:45:15 GMT,
  andrew <andrew@skamandros.invalid> wrote:
 On 2021-05-26, Ted Heise <> wrote:
Hrrrrmmm, good question.  This is on a FreeBSD system, and the
executable is a link to irc-20170704.  Not sure how to make
the program tell me about itself.  :)
 Might make life easy for yourself by using an application like
 Hexchat or better: irssi. The Blinkenshell owner has a nice
 irssi guide here:

Thanks, Andrew.  It will probably be a week or more before I have
free time I could commit to this, though.

irssi is definitely my recommendation, though I no longer do IRC at all.
irssi is full-featured and most importantly, has a lot of support
documents and technical answers to many questions available from your
favorite search engine.

Disorder is merely the order you were not looking for." Henri Bergson

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