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Sujet : Re: From column
De : kdeneon (at) *nospam* (Wolfgang Bauer)
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Date : 30. May 2021, 14:45:13
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Wolfgang Bauer <> schrieb:
Marcel Logen <> schrieb:
Wolfgang Bauer in
In the view
the From column is too narrow for me. How can I make it wider?
This is controlled by the command
in your "~/.slrnrc".
The default is
   header_display_format 0 "%F%B%-5S%G%-5l:[%12r]%t%s"
You can change the "12" to your needs, e. g. "24".
I entered it with [% 24r] and it fits, thank you.
A question that you might be able to answer for me.
In test groups, the header should be keywords: ignore, no reply
be set. This is also entered in the .slrnrc, but it doesn't. Also an entry in ~ / slrn.rc
  set keywords_custom_headers "Keywords: ignore, no reply"
Do not do it.
Is the spelling incorrect?

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