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Sujet : Re: Re: [slrn] Dealing with read articles
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Date : 12. Jun 2021, 11:36:21
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thanks for replying.

Am Sat, 12 Jun 2021 04:54:08 -0000 (UTC) schrieb J.B. Nicholson <>:
Articles marked as read are flagged in just this way; those articles
can be marked unread if you change your mind. I don't understand how
what you propose is different from marking an article unread in
article mode.

I didn't make myself clear: I had a flag in mind that would just show
up in the article overview, eg like this:

 2  -   R  [Andreas Ma]:    [slrn] Dealing with read articles
->  -   R  [J.B. Nicho]:      [-] Re: [slrn] Dealing with read articles
 4  -      [Lewis     ]:      >

 The articles from myself and you are flagged "read", Lewis' is still
 unread. The read articles can still be accessed easily. Similar to
 pan, where read articles are still there but appear in a pale font in
 the overview. I personally find this appealing.

If you want to read articles without marking them as read, consider
  set auto_mark_article_as_read 0
to your slrnrc.

Yes, I have done this, but as the faq correctly points out this just
leaves me with *all* the articles in the overview, and keeping track of
what's new is impossible. That's the whole point of flagging something
"read" - I just think removing things read completely out of sight of
the user is too harsh. Actually, the automark (and thus "autohide")
feature, which is on by default, probably discourages novices from
using slrn quite thouroughly, along the lines of "where the hack is that
article I read yesterday and where I want to comment on today?" - I know
the articles are still physically there (can't remove them from the
server easily anyway), but popping up all the articles in a 20+ thread
just to do this and thus again loosing track of what was read earlier
is far from user friendly. The proposed "R" flag would do just nicely,
me thinks.


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