Re: slrn: Sort most recently active threads first?

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Sujet : Re: slrn: Sort most recently active threads first?
De : g.kreme (at) *nospam* (Lewis)
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Organisation : Miskatonic U
Date : 26. Jun 2021, 13:44:34
Message-ID : <slrnsde4p1.1pp7.g.kreme@m1mini.local>
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In message <slrnsde4f2.1pp7.g.kreme@m1mini.local> Lewis <> wrote:
In message <> Tavis Ormandy <> wrote:
I made some improvements:

    - Using UNIX time works but doesn't handle timezones. A better idea
      is to make slrn sort it then reuse whatever index it assigns the message.
    - It turns out sorting updates the flags displayed, so they were out
      of sync.

I've been using it today, I kinda like it.

I think you just need this in your .slrnrc:

interpret ""
interpret "/path/to/this/"

Then save the following macro somewhere.

Once this is done, does the macro just run when a group is loaded? I
don't see what it is doing when I load a group.

This is what a group looks like when loading the macro:

The Steve is seen, rightly or wrongly, as the visionary, the leader,
the savant. Bill is the Boswell to The Steve's Johnson, but
lacking Boswell's wit, charm, and dynamic personality.

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