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Sujet : Re: Xnews - Displaying Entire Thread
De : nospam (at) *nospam* nospam.invalid (Boris)
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Date : 07. Jul 2021, 23:06:51
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Nil <> wrote in

On 04 Jul 2021, Boris <Boris@invalid.invalid> wrote in
Running Xnews 5.04.25
Actually, running the 'test' version, which is just the
executable.  I originally installed the 5.04.25 full version for
years, but had to reinstall, and choose the test version.
But, now, only on some newsgroups, clicking on a post only gives
the latest Re: post of the original post.  I have to click Get
Parent to expose all of the thread's posts, even though I have
Storage:headers and articles enabled.
Any ideas?
Maybe your news service has renumbered their articles. Try doing a
Catchup (F8) and if necessary, re-download the latest X number of
headers (Ctrl+Enter). You might have to do this to every newsgroup, but
try one small misbehaving one first.

Thanks for the reply.

I did try the above, but no luck.  It doubled the articles and assigned
each double the same number as the 'original'article.  See here:

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