Nouveau processus de commentaire sur le standard Ada

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Sujet : Nouveau processus de commentaire sur le standard Ada
De : rosen (at) *nospam* (J-P. Rosen)
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Date : 19. Dec 2022, 09:43:27
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Tucker Taft a diffusé cette information. Vu que les commentaires doivent être en anglais, je me permets de la poster telle quelle sans la traduire....
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The Ada Rapporteur Group (ARG) of Working Group 9 (ISO WG9), within ISO/IEC JTC1 SC22, is responsible for maintaining and advancing the International Ada Programming Language Standard.  In the past we have used this "ada-comment" mailing list as the official place to file comments or suggestions about the Standard.  Over the past six months we have been moving to an online approach using a website and a GitHub issue repository.  The new process seems to be working, so we ask all those with comments about the Ada Standard or the Ada Reference Manual to visit the new ARG website:
and select the "Community Input" page.  There you will find forms for filing comments, or for requesting the formation of a "language study group" to focus on particular thorny topics associated with the language (an example might be "distributed computing" or "tree pattern matching").
Rather than filling out a form, you can head over to the ARG GitHub repository:
and select the GitHub "issue" tab to post your comments, or join a discussion on issues already there.
We would also welcome "meta" comments if you have thoughts on how to improve the ARG process itself.
-Tucker Taft on behalf of the Ada Rapporteur Group
J-P. Rosen
2 rue du Docteur Lombard, 92441 Issy-les-Moulineaux CEDEX

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19 Dec 22 o Nouveau processus de commentaire sur le standard Ada1J-P. Rosen

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