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Sujet : Fwd: Ada Monthly Meetup 2023
De : rosen (at) *nospam* adalog.fr (J-P. Rosen)
Groupes : fr.comp.lang.ada
Date : 31. May 2023, 16:00:40
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Organisation : Adalog
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Un meetup de discussions diverses (mais toujours à propos d'Ada) se met en place. La première occurrence aura lieu samedi prochain. Ci-dessous, l'annonce parue sur C.L.A
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Sujet : Ada Monthly Meetup 2023
Date : Wed, 31 May 2023 14:27:07 +0200
De : Fernando Oleo Blanco <irvise_ml@irvise.xyz>
Organisation : A noiseless patient Spider
Groupes de discussion : comp.lang.ada
Hi all,
this message contains the final time of the meeting, connection details and other info.
The (first!) Ada Monthly Meetup will take place this Saturday 3rd of June at 13:00 UTC Time. That corresponds to 15:00 CET (Central European Time: Madrid, Paris, Berlin, Rome...).
The meetup will take place over at Jitsi, a conferencing software that runs on any modern browser.
The link is https://meet.jit.si/2023AdaMonthlyMeetupJune The room name is "2023AdaMonthlyMeetupJune" and in case it asks for a password, it will be set to "first".
I do not want to set up a password, but in case it is needed, it will be the one above without the quotes. The room name is generally not needed as the link should take you directly there, but I want to write it down just in case someone needs it.
No one proposed any topics, but that is fine as **this first meeting will not be recorded.** I will record it for internal testing and to see how it works, but it will not be published.
Having no talks will allow us, the community, to discuss any technical issues and comments that may help improve the experience of the monthly meetup. However, I will give a short introduction and share my ideas at the beginning :) Someone could also propose a topic for the next meetup too.
If I forgot something, please, point it out so that any issues can get patched out.
Best regards,
P.S: I, Fer, will post this over at the C.L.A and Ada-Lang.io. Feel free to repost this to Reddit, Gitter/Matrix, Telegram or any other channels! The more people know about this, the better (I hope).
P.P.S: this if for C.L.A only. The main thread was named "Ada Monthly Meetup Proposal". However, as this is no longer a proposal, but the actual thing, I am creating a new thread. For more information, please, refer to the aforementioned thread!
J-P. Rosen
2 rue du Docteur Lombard, 92441 Issy-les-Moulineaux CEDEX
https://www.adalog.fr https://www.adacontrol.fr

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31 May 23 o Fwd: Ada Monthly Meetup 20231J-P. Rosen

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