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Sujet : Re: [flnews] Version 1.1.0 released
De : michael.baeuerle (at) *nospam* (Michael Bäuerle)
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Date : 28. May 2022, 19:52:11
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Jason Evans wrote:
Michael Bäuerle wrote:
If a supported API was detected here, the compiler test must be able to
link against OpenSSL.
I guess you can see that I finally got it built and running!
It is laid out well and I have no problem navigating the application but
there are still some things that could use improvement.
1. Be able to subscribe to multiple groups at once.

It should work like this:
1) Group->Subscribe from menu to open subscription window
2) Click on first group to mark it
3) Click on next group while holding Ctrl-Key pressed
4) Repeat Step 3 to mark multiple groups
5) Click OK to subscribe all marked groups

2. Include a filtering and/or killfile system.

A scoring system is available, but there is no GUI for it yet.
In a standard configuration the scorefile should be located at:

The following example assigns a score of +10 to articles from user
John Doe in this group and -100 to user Bad Guy in all groups:
| # Fields are separated with colon
| Doe
| # First field is a wildmat, "*" means all groups
| *:from_ere:-100:Bad Guy

flnews displays a green "+" for articles with positive score.
A black "X" is displayed for articles with negative score (and they are
automatically marked as read). It is currently not possible to "kill"
them (so that they are not displayed at all).

Ensure that flnews is not running while modifying the scorefile.

See section "SCORING" in the man page for details. The documentation is
a bit outdated, "extended" type from flnews 0.x is no longer supported
and now all rules have four fields (Target:Type:Score:String).
I will try to fix the documentation for the next release.

The field "String" (last field) should use UTF-8 and Normalization
Form C (e.g. the umlaut in my name must be encoded as 0xC3 0xA4,
not 0x61 0xCC 0x88).
A rule should then match regardless of the MIME representation in the
raw article (e.g. my name encoded as ISO-8859-1 or as UTF-8 in
Normalization Form D).

Those are more feature requests than anything. However, there are some
bugs that I'm seeing also. Do you have a github or any other way to track

No. Please send bug reports via E-Mail (e.g. via Help->Bug report).
Or post them in this group, if it's unclear whether it is a bug or not.

Thanks for all of your work! It's always awesome to see new progress
going into Usenet software.

You are welcome. I hope that Usenet will survive, even if most people
think its dying.

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